Soundcraft ghost 24

Signaler une autre image Vous avez trouvé des images choquantes. Simply put, Ghost is the only desk that delivers the audio precision, quality and all the control features of a big studio desk without the usual prohibitive price ticket. This is a high quality analogue studio console. Digital is not the future, because analogue summing Is back! With a feature set that includes ultra-quiet circuitry and flexible routing, the GHOST LE keeps pace with modern standards in digital based . It has turned out to be the only true fixture in my busy, little mid-level studio.

I just heard that it would sound better to mix in analogue, than in the computer. HOw do you think this would compare with the Ghost as far as quality . According to the engineering team at Soundcraft , Ghost is the only desk that delivers all of the audio precision and all of the control facilities of a big studio desk. In effect, you have twice the number of input channels as actual channel strips, meaning a channel Ghost can in effect handle inputs simultaneously , . AIR PARK BUSINESS CENTER 12. Ok – so I want to upgrade my soundcraft ghost preamps and master section by upgrading the chips.

Has anybody carried this modification out on their ghost? Soundcraft Ghost , Ghost LE and Ghost Expander are pictured throughout with. I know that the chips in the preamp are swapped for . Good condition, everything works.

Some faders a bit crackly when moved fast. Included in the price is also a specially built roadcase. Mixer located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Soundcraft ghost Хороший аналоговый микшер в комплекте с метербриджем и блоком питания. There are a few visible marks and dents which i have pict. Knobs have some wear and tear but everything works fine. At the same time, mixing has become less a process that takes place at the . Get this Pro audio , Video, and lighting product at a great price from Muzeek World and save money on Yama. The interface is a MOTU IO Core system with PCI card.

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Find great deals on eBay for soundcraft ghost and soundtracs. The master section includes the bus levels, monitoring options and built in talkback mic. Its performance alone puts Ghost into a different league from other consoles of similar price. Group Outs, allowing you to send a signal from any channel to any of tape tracks ( tape tracks with channel Ghost ).