Expresso bike challenge

Meet the Revolutionary Expresso Bike. State of the art handlebars turn left and right, driving your workout experience and making every ride unique. Your Expresso Bike remembers each time you ride. Ghosts are a powerful mental motivator that have been scientifically shown to produce superior in top athletes.

Now you can harness this elite training . Indoor cycling with a twist and turns.

With your Expresso Bike you control your own path. Our state of the art handlebars turn left and right driving your experience on screen and making each ride unique. Help your Beaver County YMCA continue to fulfill the mission by riding as many miles as you can in the Month of February.

Helping has never been easier, EXPRESSO will donate $. I joined a new gym, which I chose because they had Expresso bikes and I loved them at my old gym. I should have tried them out before I signed. The bikes should absolutely be online.

We encourage all of our customers to connect them with Expresso Live so that riders can track their progress, race friends, improve, etc.

In my mind the Fox Island resident is a chiseled physical specimen who looks something like Lance Armstrong. Interactive Upright Bike with LCD screen. Enjoy Virtual courses as you get a great cardio workout.

Dual belt resistance system for a smooth and challenging ride. Adjustable seat for comfort for people with various body types. The Expresso Bike team at the North Canton YMCA is all that and more for its recent fitness challenge efforts. We are like a family here, said Shawn Wise, wellness director at the North Canton YMCA. But the members of the Expresso Bike team . Have a look at the latest monthly challenges.

For every mile you ride on our Expresso Bikes , Expresso will donate $0. Decatur County Family YMCA Annual Campaign. We have two Expresso bikes in our Wellness Center, one recumbent and one upright. Sign in online at Expresso. EXPRESSO BIKE GHOST BUSTER CHALLENGE – Mercedes Club themercedesclub.

Cycle through the paranormal world on the Expresso bikes and bust of your ghosts. All participants must ride the course once to establish a new ghost. All challengers that beat of their ghosts, during the month of October, are eligible to enter a drawing for a complimentary month.

Lets start with King of the Mountain.

This is a double challenge month. Each tour has a corresponding number of points designated by its elevation (Mountain Points). Ride as many mountainous tours as you can. The more elevation you climb, the more points you will receive.

Invite your friends and family to pledge for your ride. All fitness levels welcome. Sign-up now for a login to compete. Riders must login to participate.